Our success has been achieved by focusing on brand alignment and audience fit. We are here to help you develop your strategy and to help you build a portfolio of partnership programs that match your needs.

Let’s explore how Sponsor Circle can help your activities!

  • Strategy
  • Learn what you have to offer
  • Assess its true value
  • Create an actionable implementation plan
  • Partner Matching
  • Find properties that fit your brand
  • Develop activation plans to bring your partnerships to life
  • Maximize ROI against business objectives
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Attract more sponsors
  • Increase sponsorship revenue
  • Create partnerships not transactions


Partner Matching

Use the partner matching tool to find the right sponsor, property, or agency.

Matching Services & Sales Strategy

Working with sponsors and properties to develop brand aligned partnerships strategies and successful partnerships.

Audience Insights

Leverage Sponsor Circle's extensive audience data to better understand your market and to report back to funders.