Our success has been achieved by focusing on brand alignment and audience fit. We are here to help you develop your strategy and to help you build a portfolio of partnership programs that match your needs.

Let’s explore how Sponsor Circle can help your activities!

  • Strategy
  • Learn what you have to offer
  • Assess its true value
  • Create an actionable implementation plan
  • Partner Matching
  • Find properties that fit your brand
  • Develop activation plans to bring your partnerships to life
  • Maximize ROI against business objectives
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Attract more sponsors
  • Increase sponsorship revenue
  • Create partnerships not transactions

Our mission is simple:
Sponsorship for Purpose

We want to solve a common issue found in the industry – cutting through the noise and finding the right sponsorships to deliver on strategic objectives.

$12+ billion

Committing to real social impact through technology.

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$224+ billion

Serious savings for corporate sponsors and their agencies that seek greater purpose in their profit.

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Our promise

As part of our goal to become B Corp certified, Sponsor Circle is committed to making the world a better place.
We use our platform to receive sponsorship proposals from organizations.

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