• Tourism & Audience Marketing
  • Know where your audience is coming from
  • Tailor your marketing spend to maximize your audience
  • Verifiably be able to quantify your economic impact
  • Sponsorship
  • Understand your audience's spending behaviour
  • Define your audience's spending baskets to drive sponsorship strategy
  • Quanitfy the ROI on sponsorship investments
  • Donations
  • Better understand trends in individual donations
  • Develop insights around the forces that impact giving
  • Know when people give, what factors imapact their giving and how they donate
  • How do I maximize our advertising spend?
  • How do I target profitable new audiences efficiently?
  • How can I identify and utilize our audience’s basket spend to drive sponsor support?
  • How can I understand audience spending behaviour beyond my organization?
  • How can I quantify our economic impact?


Partner Matching

Use the partner matching tool to find the right sponsor, property, or agency.

Matching Services & Sales Strategy

Working with sponsors and properties to develop brand aligned partnerships strategies and successful partnerships.

Audience Insights

Leverage Sponsor Circle's extensive audience data to better understand your market and to report back to funders.